NNU Welcomes Concordia-Portland Students

February 12, 2020

Concordia Students—

Continue the Pathway to YOUR Future

Like so many around this region, we were shocked and grieved to hear the news about Concordia University-Portland closing its doors. And, we are well aware that what we are feeling is only a fraction of what you—as Concordia students-—must be experiencing. There are so many questions and emotions that accompany such great loss. We want you to know that the NNU community is praying for you during this difficult time.

We know in the coming days and weeks there will be many questions you will have and decisions you will have to make. We’re here to help and already have several plans in place to guide you through this process. Currently, we are offering all Concordia-Portland students:

  • All application fees waived
  • Expedited admissions decisions
  • Expedited financial aid consideration
  • Dedicated admissions counselors who can talk one-on-one, explore options, answer questions and help personalize a plan that will help you finish what you have started
  • A $7,000 automatic grant for traditional undergraduate students, renewable annually, on top of other aid available to Concordia transfer students. This means that Concordia students will receive a financial aid award between $13,000 and $17,000
  • 100% of completed credits will be transferable (C minus and higher). Our Registrar and Faculty will work on individual plans for students to ensure graduation within a similar timeframe as you would have had at Concordia

Like Concordia-Portland, NNU offers an excellent education within the context of a supportive Christian community and emphasizes the importance of a transformational education that encourages students to live lives of purpose. We would love to partner with you, as you build upon the foundation you have received at Concordia-Portland, to make the journey to your goals as easy and seamless as possible for you.

As you contemplate your options for completing your education, we’d encourage you to:

  1. See if NNU offers your program of study (even if you don’t see the exact program you are currently pursuing, you should still give an admissions counselor a call to see how we can help)
  2. Explore NNU’s spiritual life, campus life, and community
  3. Consider NNU's fully online undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs that empower you to complete your degree without relocating
  4. If NNU looks like it may be a good fit for continuing your educational journey, apply for expedited admission (remember that your application fees are waived)

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our admissions counselors who are ready to help you explore options and answer questions as you determine the best pathway for you to finish your education.

1-877-NNU-4-YOU or (208) 467-8000

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