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Tuition and Fees 2019-20

Master of Science in Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner

Education is an investment of not only time and effort but also of fiscal resources. Such an investment is made to further career aspirations. For the benefit of student resource planning and in the spirit of being transparent, associated costs for each program are projected and published. Despite concern to attention, as a result of evolving program needs, these lists may not always be inclusive. All costs are approximate and subject to change. Faculty are stewards of student resources and are mindful of expenses associated with graduate education. Care is taken not to require unnecessary expenditures.

Academic Year Fall 2019—Summer Session 2020 Rate
Tuition $770 per credit
Estimated Course Fees (per semester) $500 -$1,250*
Books varies
Technology Fee (per semester) $95

*For a detailed list of course fees, please telephone 208-467-8107, or email

Late payment fee: $150.00
Withdrawal fee: $100.00
Graduation fee: $75.00
Late Graduation application fee $50.00


Tuition and Fees

  • Tuition costs include student ID card and parking fees.
  • Tuition rates are established annually by the University.
  • Unless noted that books are included, the student is responsible for purchasing textbooks each semester. Visit the NNU Bookstore to order online.

Due Date

Payment and/or satisfactory financial arrangement of the balance due on a student's account must be completed no later than the first day of the semester. By that date, the student account must be covered by a combination of the following:

  • Paid In Full - Pay online at the NNU portal.
    • International Students may pay in your own currency at the Flywire website.
  • Monthly Payment Plan—Enroll through Tuition Management Systems.
  • Military Benefits - The NNU Business Office must be aware of these benefits in advance of the due date and the benefits must be paid directly to NNU in order for these to be considered a component of satisfactory payment arrangements.
  • Financial Aid - You must have completed paperwork and be waiting for disbursement of Federal Direct loans and/or other aid.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for information regarding eligibility and availability of aid.

Note:  Any student NOT falling into a combination of the above categories will be charged a $150 late fee.  Interest may be applied to unpaid balances at the monthly rate of 1.25%, posted on the last day of each month. When a student is no longer enrolled at NNU and a balance remains on their account, the student is responsible for paying the University's cost of collection. This includes but is not limited to, collection agency fees, and/or reasonable attorney fees.

A $20 charge will be assessed for each check returned for insufficient funds.

Other Notes

  • REFUNDS - If a student receives more financial aid than needed to cover tuition and fees, a refund will be issued within 14 days.  Checks are issued each Friday.
  • WITHDRAWALS - Refund of tuition and fees will be prorated through 60% of the course. Students who withdraw from NNU and have received federal financial aid may be required to return all or part of that aid.

Contact Information, (208) 467-8010 or (877) NNU-4YOU, Fax: (208) 467-8597


There are a number of questions we are asked about tuition, and you may be asking them yourself. Please read our Graduate and Adult Programs Tuition FAQ.