Lynette Kingsmore

Lynette KingsmoreDirector of Admissions, RN-BSN, MSN-Leadership & Education, MSN-FNP

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Expectations for Online Study

These suggested practices are the ideal for effective online learning:

  • Students are expected to log on and respond and be involved in the discussion board. This attendance requirement is critical for group participation and community learning.
  • Students should spend the same amount of time on an online course as they do for an on-campus course.
  • Students are expected to complete all assignments by due dates provided by the professor of each course.
  • The online learning ecology supports collaborative and community learning. Competition is discouraged since we are all working toward the same goals in a learning community.
  • Students are expected to submit strong academic work that reflects graduate level education. Discussion Group messages should be well formed with accurate grammar and spelling.
  • Since the online classes range from 5-15 weeks long, including 4 one week on-campus residency requirements, they are considered intensive courses. It is critical that a student not fall behind in the learning process. If extraordinary circumstances arise, exceptions can be made for the student to make up work but this is to be arranged with the student's current professor.
  • Students can expect approximately 12-15 hours of course work per week. Additional hours in a clinic setting will be required once clinical courses begin.