Update from the Department Chair

Published on May 03, 2016.
Another year is almost done and dusted and one reflects on the events that have shaped it. Firstly we had a very positive CCNE accreditation visit in October 2015 and we anticipate hearing the final outcome in the near future. The site visitors offered some very good feedback and praise for the nursing programs at NNU. One of the interesting items that emerged out this visit was the discovery that over the years we have awarded a BS in Nursing when in reality we should have awarded a BSN. All alumni would have received notice of this in the mail and so please, if you have not yet done avail yourselves of the option of a Diploma that currently identifies your degree as a BSN. These are available at no cost to you.

We have just completed the Idaho Board of Nursing site visit for the coming FNP program for fall 2016.  This has been such an exciting project to work on and it has been wonderful to work with one of our own alumni, Dr Bethany Mello in getting this program good to go, I am proud of the job she has done. She is interviewed later in this newsletter.

We are preparing for our 15th Pinning Ceremony for the Class of 2016. This has over the years become a highlight of the graduation festivities. We have 29 students graduating and we will miss them when they move onto to their new careers. Over two thirds of the group has already secured positions in a variety of facilities. I have been encouraged by the growing number of our graduates plan to pursue further degrees and certifications in the profession and this really speaks to our program outcomes which encourages lifelong learning. Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

The programs continue to grow and we thank the Lord for this growth but more importantly for high caliber of graduates. I do believe we make a difference to nursing on a state, national and international level.

About the Department

The Department of Nursing at Northwest Nazarene University provides undergraduate, degree completion and graduate programs related to the professional field of nursing. We are nationally accredited and offer programs that can meet the needs of students in a wide variety of settings.