Nursing Practice Lab Redesign and Improvements

Published on Sep 18, 2014.
Thanks to a generous grant from Blue Cross of Idaho, the advanced nursing practice lab was redesigned this summer to better meet the needs of undergraduate students as well as Family Nurse Practitioner students.  Walls were added to the large existing one room lab to create two patient rooms and a private exam room.  One patient room was developed to simulate an intensive care patient room and houses the MetiMan patient simulator.  A sophisticated cardiac monitor was mounted to the wall and is able to record MetiMan’s physiologic responses during simulation.  A second patient room was developed into a medical-surgical patient room and is home to the SimMan patient simulator.  Each patient room contains a completely stocked nurse server cart and standard patient care wall board with piped in air.  The private exam room includes all of the amenities and equipment necessary to perform most types of physical exams.  

Opposite the patient rooms is a nurse’s station and pediatric area.  The nurse’s station includes a PYXIS for obtaining medications to be used as a part of simulation.  The PYXIS lists patients used in simulations for undergraduate students and helps to enhance the reality of the simulation clinical experience.  The pediatric area includes a pediatric simulator and pediatric exam areas.

Also included in the lab redesign was the creation of a home environment area for the simulation of home care experiences.  This area also can double as a waiting or family area for simulations involving family members with a patient in either the ICU or medical-surgical patient rooms.  Related to improvements in the lab, an inventory system has been implemented over the past year to keep tract of the $500,000 of supplies and equipment used as a part of clinical lab practice, simulations, fundamentals and health assessment labs.   

Future renovation plans include removal of a wall in photocopying/office space adjacent to the advanced practice lab for use as a simulation debriefing room.  A big screen television will be installed in the debriefing room to allow students to review their performance during simulation.  This enables them to review their verbal and nonverbal communication with the simulated patient and other participants in the simulation.  Students and faculty can look back over the simulation to identify cues that they might have missed in addition to identifying the things that went well during the simulation.

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