NNU Nursing Students Provide Significant Service to the Community

Published on Sep 18, 2014.
The students in Nursing 4010: Nursing of Diverse Populations in the Community have been involved in a variety of service related health promotion, protection and maintenance activities in the Nampa-Boise community.  These activities have benefitted the students as well as providing much needed services to at risk populations in the area.

On September 3rd, the nursing students administered 100 meningitis vaccines free of charge to students, faculty and staff on the NNU campus as a part of a flu and meningitis vaccination clinic.  Additionally, they provided education regarding the importance of getting flu and meningitis vaccines to this at risk college population.

In the fall of 2013, students in the Community class addressed a significant need in the refugee community related to vision screenings.  Many refugees do not have the resources to afford an eye exam or prescription glasses.  The students collected donations of prescription and reading glasses from local optometrists and vision centers.  They also recruited Dr. Holman from Gemstate Family Eyecare to donate 4 hours of her time to do eye exams as a part of their Vision Screening Clinic at St. Alphonsus – Boise in October 2013.  The screening provided reading glasses for 40 persons, prescription glasses for 20 persons and eye exams for 71 refugees.  Refugees from 10 countries attended the clinic, including refugees from Nepal, Iraq, Sudan, Congo and Burma.  Additionally, students benefitted from the experience of organizing and running a function that helped a population in need.  They were able to gain a greater appreciation of some of the obstacles that immigrants must overcome.  The students gained experience on how to use interpreters to communicate with non-English speaking persons.

NNU nursing students provide health screenings and health education for the Hispanic population at the Mexican Consulate in Boise once a month in conjunction with St. Luke’s Health Window.   The Hispanic population is at high risk for diabetes and hypertension.  Many individuals do not have access to healthcare.  As a result of the screenings,   they refer the clients to low-income clinics for follow-up of their high blood pressure or high blood glucose readings. The students also gained valuable experience in performing health screenings and health education as a primary community intervention. 

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