The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program application is now open.

Plan of Study

To better facilitate students' completion of the professional nursing program within a four year timeline, NNU's Department of Nursing created a plan of study for all undergraduate nursing students.  It is recommended that students use this plan as they register for courses each year. Applications for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program are due February 15. If admitted, the BSN program begins fall semester of the sophomore year.

Students admitted to the nursing major are limited to a maximum of 16 credits per semester.  For any additional credits, permission must be requested in writing to the Admission & Progression Committee.  The student can only register for additional credits after receiving approval from the Admission & Progression Committee.

Freshman Year

Fall Spring
PSYC1550 Intro Psychology*  3 CHEM1210 Prin. Chemistry* 3
BIOL2010 Anat & Phys I*  3 CHEM1210 Lab*  1
BIOL2010L Lab* 1 BIOL2030 Anat & Phys II* 3
ENGL1030 University Writing & Research* 3 BIOL2030L Lab* 1
HUMN1010 Cornerstone 3 CLTA1550 Cultural Anthropology 3
NURS1000 Intro to Prof. Nursing+ 1 NURS2100 Medical Terminology* 1
KINE1000 Fundamentals of Wellness 1 NURS1000 Intro to Prof. Nursing+
(Transfer students only)
    Non US History Elective 3

* Prerequisite courses for BSN program                 +Recommended for pre-nursing students


BIBL1100 Intro to Biblical Studies   3
Add'l Gen Ed may be required 2-3

Sophomore Year

Fall  Spring
PSYC2100 LifeSpan Development* 3 KINE2730 Nutrition Across the Lifespan 2
BIOL2420 Microbiology* 3 BIOL3820 Pathophysiology* 3

BIOL2420 Lab*

1 NURS2030 Fundamentals of Nursing 5

NURS2000 Health Assessment 

3 NURS3040 Pharmacology 3
NURS2015 Found. of Prof. Nsg & Care of Older Adult 4 US History Elective
KINE1020/1030 1    

*Required courses for BSN program

Junior Year

Fall  Spring
NURS3020 Mental Health      3 THEO2100 Intro to Christian Theology
NURS3030 Med/Surg Nsg - Acute and Chronic Health Needs 6 NURS3010 Childbearing Family 3
MATH2240 Elementary Statistics* 3 NURS4010 Nursing of Diverse Populations in the Community 4
ENGL3015 Topics in Writing & Literature Or ENGL with a "W" 3 NURS4030 Nursing Research
    Clinical Ethics* 3

 * Required course for BSN program


Literature Elective   3

Senior Year

Fall  Spring
NURS4000 Med/Surg. Nsg - Complex Health Needs 5 NURS4020 Leadership & Mgmt in Prof. Nursing 3
NURS3015 Pediatrics in the Family  3 NURS4040 Transition to Prof Nsg Practice/Capstone 6
Speech Elective 2 Art & Music History 3
Upper Division Bible 3